CyBall World Cup Tournament: Let The Games Begin!


It’s time to bring your best team into CyBall . We are super excited to announce the first-ever Major tournament, the “CyBall World Cup”. The CyBall World Cup tournament will be the introduction of tournaments into the CyBall ecosystem, to attract more strategic players into our ever growing community. It’s an event that happens every so often, as a means of celebration to bring our partnered guilds, investors, gamers and community members together, but most importantly, to see which players have what it takes to dominate and represent their guild and become the CyBall World Cup Champion for 2022. The CyBall team is proud to bring the community this thrilling event and we personally invite all players and guild members to participate in this tournament.

Tournament Overview

The tournament, with a prize pool of $3000 BUSD is set to commence in 2 weeks time, which will run during the same time as the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. We will be kicking things off with the Group Stage 1 Open Qualifiers where 3–5 players in each group will conduct a Round Robin. Leading on from this, winners of each group stage will move into the main event, The World Cup Tournament, where it will be a single elimination by Best of One (Bo1), until the Semi-Finals is reached (Bo3), followed by the Grand Final (Bo5).

The CyBall World Cup Tournament will now open registration to players around the world. It will remain open for approximately 1 week. Once registrations are closed, the Stage 1 Individual Open Qualifiers schedule will be released, with the full World Cup tournament bracket to follow. We will be streaming the World Cup Tournament via our Discord for all viewers to watch and cheer on their friends and fellow guild members. The registration form can be found at the end of this article.

Furthermore, the following restrictions have been discussed and made to ensure that the tournament is fair amongst all players (may subject to change):

  • CyBlocs which contain the trait “Ditto” will not be allowed.
  • A Team Overall Rating range between 70 and 86 is required.
  • CyBlocs levels won’t reset on transfer during this period.

More information in regards to the CyBall World Cup Tournament will be made available in the coming weeks, therefore keep an eye on all CyBall social media channels for more upcoming information. For now, register for our CyBall World Cup Tournament, we’ll see you there!

CyBall World Cup Open Qualifiers Registration Form:


*Please note that CyBall reserves the right in it’s sole discretion to amend, change or cancel this tournament at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.

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CyBlocs have taken over the world and now go head to head to test their might in the CyBall Football Association.

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CyBlocs have taken over the world and now go head to head to test their might in the CyBall Football Association.