CyBall Expands Onto Polygon

We’re well into Season 7 of CyBall and have witnessed the guilds and individuals who have finely constructed the almost perfect team and have refined their strategy to dominate the leaderboards. The display of Ditto Domination has been commendable and a trait to be feared by all opponents. CyBall was initially launched on BSC, as our serendipitous home, an ecosystem and Layer1 that has been a great starting point for many games. With an ever expanding blockchain gaming ecosystem, CyBall must ride this wave and look upon the horizon to grow with the space. We are overly excited to announce that CyBall has found its second home, Polygon, and our partnership with Polygon Studios and Polygon Ventures.

Polygon is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that allows for the ease of onboarding users into web3 with low cost transactions, robust infrastructure and a profoundly in depth ecosystem. The Polygon ecosystem is incredibly vast boasting partnerships with some world class companies including the likes of: Meta, Starbucks, Stripe, Twitter and Disney.

The Polygon Gaming ecosystem also presents itself as the chain that could very well dominate the Web3 gaming space with many notable titles that already exist on the chain including: Pegaxy, Benji Bananas, Skyweaver, Sandbox and many more to come. CyBall is proud to enter the Polygon gaming ecosystem and stand alongside these games, and to expand its user base into another ecosystem and join forces with the other gaming platforms/tools that exist on Polygon to improve onboarding and for a better user experience.

With this exciting news of the new destination for CyBall, we will be running many competitions over the next few weeks, for our community and the Polygon community to have the chance to get a hold of a Polygon CyBloc NFT. We also have multiple CyBall Tournaments that will lead into the CyBall World Cup. Keep an eye out for a later article and announcement that will explain the migration and tournaments in detail.

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CyBlocs have taken over the world and now go head to head to test their might in the CyBall Football Association.