CyBall Development Updates — Reborn v1.2

Muterin sitting atop his throne surrounded by vials of Cyrum, with preparations completed to distribute the mutant serum across the CyVerse. He inspects his creation, marvelling at the sheer power within his grips.



How to deposit your Cyrum(s) in-game

How to equip and remove Cyrum(s) in-game?

Main menu showing the inventory button where you can view your Cyrums and future skins
Select the CyBloc on the LHS, (2) choose which Cyrum skin you would like to apply onto your CyBloc and click [Apply]
Hovering over the Cyrum skins allows you to view the effects, traits and expiry.
You can also remove the skin from the current CyBloc and apply it onto other CyBlocs or vice versa.

Quality of life improvements

CyBall Classic will no longer be supported

Future Updates

A concept of the the custom match screen showing how to join as a spectator
A concept of how the spectators mode screen would look like

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CyBlocs have taken over the world and now go head to head to test their might in the CyBall Football Association.